Nicole adams MS, lpc

COMMITMENT to a purpose encourages us to explore our values, beliefs and passions, as we identify opportunities to utilize the gifts and talents we possess, to contribute. We each have a role to play, a path to find, and a cause to champion as we share our journeys and learn from our experiences. Develop HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS through the lives you touch, and leave a legacy for those who have touched your life.


Chris developed a passion for horses and the outdoors from an early age and has experienced the powerful lessons that can be learned when we take the time to look for the wisdom in God’s design. He has received training and certifications through EAGALA, PATH and CHA to offer equine assisted services and he has achieved Level 2 certification as a Challenge Course Practitioner and team builder. Chris received his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Abilene Christian University and his Master’s of Science in Counseling from the University of North Texas. He offers experiential counseling and learning services for individuals and groups for children, teens, adults, as well as, military veterans.

CHris covington MS, lpc-s

Growing in CONFIDENCE requires us to discover our weakness, lean on our strengths and choose our attitude, regardless of circumstances. It allows us to reframe discomfort as an opportunity to learn and embrace fear as a motivator. Fear can reveal opportunities for growth and encourage us to find support in HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS.










Nicole has been working with groups and individuals in the team building community for seven years. She has achieved Level 2 certification as a Challenge Course Practitioner and team builder. Nicole received her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. She is passionate about helping people realize and reach their full potential. Nicole loves to work with people and watch them grow in their own confidence and understanding of themselves. Nicole offers experiential counseling and learning opportunities for individuals and groups for children, teens and adults. 


Developing your CHARACTER allows us to see the person we are, and chart the next step towards the person you desire to be. Each day offers a new opportunity to make a new choice and we all have the power to influence our community. We have the capacity to be better than we were yesterday, we often just need to engage in HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with those who will inspire us.