Why Horses?

TEAM BUILDING & Experiential education

Benefits Include:

Develop self-awareness
Increase patience and empathy
Improve communication skills
Build healthy relationships
Identify and set boundaries
Process trauma and develop coping skills
Learn the importance of trust
and so much more!

Horses are large and powerful animals. They offer a therapeutic opportunity to face fears and develop responsibility, assertiveness, effective communication and confidence. Horses naturally exhibit clear leadership and communication through herd instinct. By that same instinct, horses require us to be aware, present and authentic to develop a safe and trusting relationship and ultimately to promote survival. When we engage horses in relationship through care, training and instruction, we receive the immediate and unbiased feedback of our four-legged companion. This experience provides a powerful metaphor for facing intimidating or challenging aspects of life and develops skills that encourage more effective behavior in times of stress and discomfort.

When we combine the Power of Play with the Awe of the Outdoors we encounter an infinite number of opportunities for natural learning. Nature offers physical, cognitive and social components to learning that are often lacking in a more traditional learning environment. Nature engages are senses as we explore the world we live in and provides the additional health benefits of sunlight and Vitamin D. Outdoor learning exposes us to settings that employ our awareness of ourselves and our affect on the environment, while improving observation skills and cultivating reasoning. Finally, the positive influence of the outdoors on social interactions through collaborative work, inquisitive conversations motivated by an internal desire for discovery. 

All teams encounter a mix of different personalities, perspectives and expectations, which can often lead to conflict and a lack of effective communication. Trinity Challenge would like to assist your team in identifying the many strengths possessed by a diverse group of people and develops skills that set your team up for success. We will work with you to develop an agenda that that intentionally targets your identified goals and objectives as we collaborate with you to ensure a common vision. Programs may be offered both at the ranch to include the benefits our horses offer or we can also come to your location with challenges and initiatives to fit your venue. We also offer Leadership Trainings, Teacher Inservice Programs and so much more!   

AWE OF the outdoors . . . 



Equine Experiential Counseling is a unique therapeutic approach to healing that integrates the powerful spirit of the horse with traditional counseling skills. Our equine companions offer immediate, honest and unbiased feedback as you interact with them and begin to increase your awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. This experiential treatment approach provides you opportunities to enhance self-awareness and re-pattern unhealthy behaviors, feelings and attitudes. Services are available for individuals, families, couples, parent consults and children. 
We also offer services to our nation's veterans, offering them the opportunity to make peace with their past and replace traumatic memories with positive ones.

"Horses change lives. 
They give our young people confidence and self-esteem.
They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope!"

                                               Toni Robinson